Wable Maji Safi Solutions Ltd. is registered in Kenya (8 November 2020).

Wable Maji Safi Solutions Ltd. 
Company number: PVT-XYUG2RM 
PIN number: P051964526N 
postal address: P.O. 15551 GPO Nairobi

In The Netherlands Wable is legally supported and represented by a light-weight non-profit foundation registered in the Netherlands (Stichting). Our board members are Saskia Ottenhoff (chairman), Roy Straver (secretary), Johan Ottenhoff (treasurer). The board is not compensated for their work as board members. Currently our executive team is only compensated for direct expenses or on a per project basis.

As a foundation we keep the common interest first: allevating human society from poverty, creating inspiration and empowerpent to recreate the future for our children and other living beings. Donations will be used solely for this purpose. While we enable business, we do not take equity or other benefit sharing. This way we remain independent and make sure that we only support communities and entrepreneurs who take our social ventures very seriously: at scale, within the doughnut, and with healthy business models financially, socially and of course environmentally.

Stichting Wable 
Chamber of commerce (KvK) number: 74861972
RSIN (fiscal id): 860053660

Wable BV 
Chamber of commerce (KvK) number: 74862235
RSIN (fiscal id): 860053726 
Duth VAT nr. (BTW): 860053726B01

Postal address: Van Riebeeckstraat 11 Bis, 3531 EH Utrecht

Wable is vanaf 17 mei 2019 aangemerkt als algemeen nut beogende instelling (ANBI).

Beleidsplan Wable_Nov. 2019

Privacy and GDPR

Wable does not store personal data for other means than for which it was supplied: newsletters, petitions, donations, membership, investments. Personal data will never be shared with or sold to third parties without explicit written consent.

Private data can at all times be requested or removed. E-mail info@wable.org to request access. Permission to use personal data may at all times be revoked. Data will be stored as long as relevant for the above mentioned goals, and destroyed when no longer needed.

We cherish the relationships with all people with whom we work and will act accordingly.