About Wable

Stichting Wable works with local organisations in the respective countries. The local organisations work closely with local communities in the implementation, service and maintenance of the projects.

We bridge the experiences and build on infrastructure through collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Wable envisions to expand its activities with the aim to provide more communities in Kenya, East-Africa and the world at large with nature-based economically viable solutions.

In collaboration with the local organisation,Wable provides guidance, strategies and tools for community building and empowerment and realizes on-the-ground projects that are working examples of social and environmental re-generation. We believe solutions can arise from collaborative relationships that foster diversity and co-creation. Our innovative approach for creating a decentralized drinking water service ensures just governance through local stewardship and long term environmental resilience, thus making systemic change for the better.

Water Purification

Pre-filtration – filtration – ultrafiltration – purification – post-filtration: The heart of our water point is the treatment station. The treatment is installed in a suitable environment. It is designed according to the quality of the raw water source and the size and kind of distribution suitable for the needs.

M-Safi ATM

The M-Safi ATM is a self-contained unit for the use of water dispense for up to three taps. It consists of an online system with an integrated payment system arranged into a steel box.

For an easy user interface, the M-Safi ATM is provided with a display and a keypad. The presented display text guides the end user for the required water amount and the M-Pesa payment. The text on display can be set into English or the local language (Swahili).

Going green

Going Green

Realising the importance of safeguarding the sustainable use of water resources, Wable focuses on regenerative agricultural interventions, being perceived as the most significant leverage point for soil conservation and, thus, groundwater recharge.



Since our Water Points are often located near schools and other public facilities such as markets, Wable works on the improvement of adequate sanitation and improved hygiene.