We holistically approach the drinking water challenge through connecting water, soil and people. Together with the community we build long term solution through a decentralized drinking water service (DDWS). Thus building social and ecological capacity and bringing services of safe and high quality drinking water close to the people.



pupils and community members provided with safe and clean drinking water


sites installed with water purification (schools, hospitals and communities)


M-Safi Water Points equipped with water purification, solar and management hub


liters of water purified so far


Public-private partnership

Homa Bay County, Kenya

Together with a consortium of partners we are addressing drinking water challenges in rural Kenya. Working transdisciplinairy across multiple fields of interest with both public and private partners. See all our partners

Kunywa Maji Safi na Salama

Drink Clean and Safe Water

Wable believes strongly that creativity is the springboard to great innovations and solving problems affecting human kind. In our upcoming campaign ‘Kunywa Maji Safi na Salama’ you can join us on an unique journey through innovative partnerships, creativity and the power of art. Stay tuned for updates!