Wable provides guidance, strategies and tools for community building and empowerment and realizes on-the-ground projects that are working examples of social and environmental re-generation. We believe solutions can arise from collaborative relationships that foster diversity and co-creation. Our innovative approach for creating a decentralized drinking water service ensures just governance through local stewardship and long term environmental resilience, thus making systemic change for the better.
Our organization originates from the enduring commitment through the Kenyan entity KPAG. We bridge the experiences and established infrastructure in this organization to our new Dutch entity. Through this new entity we envision to take a more business-minded approach, regenerating communities by implementing nature-based economically viable solutions. We will leverage the Dutch knowledge on water treatment, expertise in sustainable development and the economic power of developed nations. Yet, our organization will continue to be well established in the local context, through a locally registered entity and partnerships with both private and public parties.