Meet our team


Odak Onyango


Odak graduated from the Arts School in Utrecht, The Netherlands with BA Honors in Intercultural Theatre & Education. Odak believes that Creativity is the springboard to great innovations and solving problems affecting human kind. He has done many project in his home country to improve the livelihoods of communities.
(+31)-(0)6 84 34 56 97

Ted Jan Post


Ted Jan holds a bachelor in business administration and a masters in strategic leadership towards sustainability. He is motivated to challenge current ways of working and thinking, bringing systemic change for those that are in need of change, for people and nature alike.
Ted Jan contributes his skills in strategic thinking, sustainable development and innovation management.
(+31)-(0)6 17 60 51 40

Madhusudhan Srinivasa

Tech lead

Madhu brings 10+ years of experience as a full stack IT engineer and designer. The past years he has submerged himself into projects and assignments with a focus on improving human livelihoods and combating climate change. Madhu contributes his skills in IT engineering and strengthens this with a fierce intrinsic motivation for humane tech.


Saskia Ottenhoff

Chair of the board

Saskia holds a bachelor degree from the Amsterdam School of Arts. She received a scholarship from Prins Bernhard Culture Fund and the Performing Arts Fund NL to further her study and research in Kenya. She is a social and creative entrepreneur and has profound experience in the initiation, design, implementation and guiding process of (non-)formal educational programmes, youth exchange programmes, community (arts) projects and event organization. Community building and youth empowerment are central in her work.
(+31)-(0)6 37 27 66 09

Roy Straver

Secretary of the board

Roy holds a bachelor in Engineering and a masters in strategic leadership towards sustainability. He’s currently working as Strategist & Impact producer for the Climate Cleanup Foundation and Drawdown Europe; working with start-ups, artists, researchers, students and multinationals. He brings his skills in holistic thinking, engineering, new business models and broad network in sustainable development.
(+31)-(0)6 20 68 03 71

Johan Ottenhoff

Treasure of the board

Johan is a graduated Mechanical Engineer and has experience for over 35 years in offshore winch systems in a very width range of users in that industry. He was technical manager and later technical director.
Currently supporting Wable by writing manuals(drawings) and maintenance books to keep the water systems at a required level of maintenance, Johan is also responsible for the financial side of the project and its administration.
(+31)-(0)6 51 74 66 83