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We are a group of entrepreneurs, artists, educators, scientists, designers, innovators and technicians. We combine nature, education, technology and art to create the conditions for life to flourish.

We believe that diversity in a society is the chief engine for development. With the high number of talented people, natural resources and expertise, it is fundamental to tap into the diverse resources to recover the lost quality of land and water and create a vibrant and diverse economy within the locality through research and modernisation of traditional methods of production.

Saskia Ottenhoff

Co-founder - managing director Wable foundation (NL)

Saskia holds a bachelor’s degree from the Amsterdam School of Arts. She received a scholarship from Prins Bernhard Culture Fund and the Performing Arts Fund NL to further her study and research in Kenya. She is a social and creative entrepreneur and has profound experience in initiating, designing, implementing and guiding the process of (non-)formal educational programmes, youth exchange programmes, community (arts) projects and project- and event management. Community building and youth empowerment are central to her work.

Samantha Constance

advisor operations and supply chain Wable (NL)

Hello, world. I am Samantha Constance, working to advise the WABLE team on this wonderful project’s next steps. It has been a while since I worked with a sustainable project, my background being in commercial supply chain and operations. My desire to be more involved with giving something meaningful back drives me to offer time, expertise and enthusiasm to help the WABLE team grow so more people can be offered and experience what we in the western world take for granted.

The WABLE values, what they offer and how they have put into practice are precisely what I want to be involved in. It excites me there are organisations still out there that deliver and with positive impact. I am privileged to be involved.

Johan Ottenhoff

Co-founder / tech lead Wable (NL)

Johan is a graduated Mechanical Engineer with over 35 years of experience in offshore winch systems with a wide range of users in that industry. He was technical manager and later technical director. Johan is the technical leader and has developed the (prototype) hub. He writes (technical) manuals (drawings) and maintenance books to install and maintain the water systems at the desired (maintenance) level. Johan maintains the financial side of the projects and the administration.

Leo Bonsen

Advisory committee member

Leo Bonsen has more than 30 years of experience in heat transfer and wastewater treatment systems. In functions as sales director at an international product company and managing director at an engineering company for wastewater treatment systems.

He also uses his painter skills (of abstract colourful paintings) to create and develop the way of thinking to come to optimal process systems.

Odak Onyango

Co-founder / board member

Odak graduated from the Arts School in Utrecht, The Netherlands, with BA Honors in Intercultural Theatre and Education. Odak believes creativity is the springboard to great innovations and solving problems affecting humankind. He has done many projects in his home country to improve the livelihoods of communities.

Teunis van Vulpen

technical specialist and funding partner

Roy Straver

Co-founder / advisory board member

Roy holds a bachelor’s in Engineering and a master’s in strategic leadership towards sustainability. He’s currently working as Strategist & Impact producer for the Climate Cleanup Foundation and Drawdown Europe, working with start-ups, artists, researchers, students and multinationals. He brings his skills in holistic thinking, engineering, new business models and a broad network in sustainable development.

Quest project team

project teams

Wable has collaborated with the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht since 2019. Through Quest Project Teams, students work on diverse topics addressed by Wable.

Students are from different study departments, including Industrial Engineering and Management, and Mechanical Engineering, Interenational Business.

Het Bureau

Graphic design & campaign team Wable (NL)

The Graphic Lyceum Utrecht is a creative and technical vocational school with courses in Media Design, Software Development, Management and Communication and Media Making.

The BUREAU is the place where you gain work experience as a student of one of our courses at school.

Student teams collaborate with Wable for the graphic design for the campaign Draag Je Flesje Bij, educational material, amongst other graphic design tasks.