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Our project approach

Collaborating on the ground

to make systemic change

We holistically approach the drinking water challenge through connecting water, soil and people. An profound awareness is manifested inside communities about these highly interrelated fields, building long term social and ecological capacity and creating a decentralized drinking water service (DDWS). Thus bringing safe high quality drinking water and its services close to the community, embedded as a social commodity. For each field we picked a set of solutions that supports the successful integration of this approach in Africa's communities. Established through value chain collaborations and mainted by means of an economically sustainable model.

Public-private partnership

Homa Bay County, Kenya

Together with a consortium of partners we are addressing drinking water challenges in rural Kenya. Working transdisciplinairy across multiple fields of interest with both public and private partners.



water points to be improved


pilot locations in 2020


people impacted in total