Transforming Africa’s groundwater management toward a regenerative practice.

800 million people are still deprived of safe drinking water, among which many in Sub-Saharan Africa. It’s time for innovative solutions that regenerate current water resources and create access for all.





A simple device, the hub, is installed at every water point. It interacts with customers, receiving payments and dispensing water upon request. Thus measuring the exact amount of groundwater extraction. Subsequently this is linked to a hydrologic model and ecological data, giving real-time and historic insights on groundwater resource management.

Fully autonomous water dispense

The hub is connected to an electronic valve and flowmeter to accurately dispense water upon request from an interactor.

Integrated financial services

Facilitating Africa’s most used digital financial services. Starting with M-pesa and soon more.

Direct access for all

All stakeholders and beneficiaries of the product can access an online dashboard, tailored to their informational needs.