Awareness campaigns


Fifty billion bottles are thrown away every year. This has a major impact on the world we live in. That is why Wable takes action, assisted by team On Limited, consisting of 4 students from Het Bureau, Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht.​ ​

Team On Limited is putting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into action with the ‘Draag je flesje bij!’ (‘Carry your bottle!’) campaign. Students collect plastic bottles to contribute to the campaign. The project is supported by Utrecht4GlobalGoals and Team On Limited has already started the social media campaign The official opening took place on Thursday 16th December 2021 in the canteen of the Grafisch Lyceum at Vondellaan 178 in Utrecht.


Wable has joined hands with Young Environmentalists in Homabay Kenya and in Utrecht with students from Graphic Lyceum Utrecht. With support from Utrecht4GlobalGoals we have kickstarted our campaign #SaveLakeVictoria on World Clean Up Day 18th September 2021. Join us! Follow, like and join the Tweet Chat! #SaveLakeVictoria.

“We have made it our responsibility to restore, protect and conserve sections of Lake Victoria that have been greatly affected by plastic pollution, create awareness on proper waste management and build a platform for innovative ways of creating job opportunities among the youths around the region from our campaigns as a long lasting solution to pollution menace” – Omondi bill Clinton

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